Saturday, October 11, 2008

DUBAI Supertall Projects & Construction

The definitions for the descriptions in the status:

Completed - Structure ready and no more work going on on the outside of the tower. This doesn't mean it's opened yet though, just structurally complete.
Topped Out - Full height reached including spire
Rising- Between being at ground level and full height
Ground Work - Anything happening before tower reaches ground level. This description is important because lots of towers stall for a while or take a really long time before rising.
Announced & Selling - We're pretty much sure the tower has the final design and construction should start within a year.
Announced - Design officially revealed but no selling of office space or apartments. The design shown most likely final design
Under Design - Tower is known about, including developer, and the design is in the final stages but not yet complete. Design may still change.
Concept- Towers which are probably real projects but not necessarily(I try to exclude insignificant ones or ones most likely to be fake). Design in early stages
On Hold - Tower started construction, then stopped.
Stale Proposal - A tower which didn't start construction and which there has been no news about it for a long time. Most likely a cancelled project.

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